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Why Choose

Insight NZ

Insight NZ is a multi-generational company with extensive capability and technology.

We have the knowledge, team and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

For over 40 years we have continually invested in the latest technology, so we have exactly what we need to provide our clients with the best solutions. We’re always looking to provide our clients with a better end result

How does having the right knowledge and gear help? By saving you time and money.

Got a critical issue? waste water overflowing?

24/7 response team - call 0508 446 744

We respond to critical issues immediately and provide cost-effective solutions

Industry Pioneers

Insight NZ was one of the first companies to bring CCTV drainage cameras into NZ, adapting the technology to our industry. Insight NZ also helped pioneer the development of Hydro-Excavation (suction) in New Zealand.

Highly Systemised

We run a tight operation, with stringent processes and systems. This ensures we:

  1. Comply with all relevant regulations
  2. Get the right equipment and operators on the job
  3. Provide detailed, transparent documentation

Extensive Local Infrastructure Knowledge

Having been a Council preferred supplier for decades now, we know the infrastructure of this area extremely well.

Which means we’re able to pin-point issues faster, and deliver cost-effective solutions.

Waikato’s Largest Fleet Of Specialised Equipment

Get Precisely What You Need

  • Only spend what you need to
  • Get the job done faster
  • Do it right the first time

There’s no point paying extra for higher specced gear if you don’t need it. Having Waikato’s largest fleet of specialised equipment means we can provide exactly what you need.

Tell us about your job and we’ll send exactly what’s needed to get it done taking into consideration:

  • Jet, PSI and water carrying requirements
  • Scale of your site
  • Pipe sizes
  • Length needed
Whatever your job or site specifics, we’ll get the best unit to your job.

Unsurpassed Experience

Experience matters most when there’s a lot at stake. We know what to do and how to do it right the first time.

As a multigenerational company and preferred supplier to council and local industry leaders, we have a huge knowledge base to draw on.

There isn’t a situation we haven’t come across many times before, and we use this experience to save you time and money.

Internal Drain Repairs

Save time and money with our internal drain repair service. Avoid costly excavations and drain relaying by patching pipes instead.

True High Definition Technology

There’s a big difference between high definition ‘compatible’ cameras and actual high definition cameras. Naturally we use true HD resolution to provide our operators with optimal clarity.

The latest HD technology enables us to see much more in a pipe than we would otherwise, which means better diagnosis and the ability to repair pipes internally.

Insight NZ invests in IBAK’s German made world leading pipe inspection systems.

Certified, trained and vetted team

Our staff hold all appropriate licences and certifications including:

  • CCTV Certified
  • Safewise Certified
  • SHE Certified
  • Confined Spaces Certified
  • Traffic Management Certified
  • First Aid Trained

Insight NZ operates stringent Work Drug Testing Policies and all our staff are Ministry of Justice checked.

Got a critical issue? waste water overflowing?

24/7 response team - call 0508 446 744

We respond to critical issues immediately and provide cost-effective solutions